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Welcome to SB High School Web site

Alumni Website of Saraswati Bhuvan High School Aurangabad.

At some time in their lives, everyone needs to go back to his or her alma SB front viewmater. The institution which taught us to stand up on our feet, imbued core values and inspired confidence in our minds and hearts that allowed us to think that we can conquer the world. The same institution, be it school or college from which we used to run away while we were there calls us when we are faraway and holds a special place in our hearts. It is also true that we don't especially like the teachers (well we like some teachers) but once we are out of schools and colleges and into the real world, we start remembering them and the advices that they gave us that suddenly doesn't seem too ridiculous. We feel that the time has come for us. At the same time when we want to go back to our school, we also felt that we should make it easy for the people who would like to come back by creating a website and a community.

Some of us have been away from the school for a long time and some of us have just passed out recently. But there is a common thread that ties us together - our school. The advent of internet has made it super easy for everyone to get in touch with each other and connect. There are so many places where this could be achieved, so many websites. Then why is the need of our own website and that too by spending money. To use Thomas Friedman's terminology from his book The Lexus and the Olive Tree, everyone needs an olive tree to bind, a thing that one can be proud of and can return to. We hope this will be our olive tree. Secondly we are trying to build a community and not only an alumni. Moving forward there will many things on this website. All this is in a very nascent and early stages to even talk about it. The ideas are currently being crystallised and will be successful only with support from all of you.

We are in the process of building a steering team for the website and we have formed email groups to facilitate better communication. If you want to be on the steering team for the website, please send an email to Please bear in mind that this is a community & volunteer effort and everyone who volunteers would need to take some time out to contribute to the website and the community in general. If on the other hand you wish to just be a part of the movement, give suggestions and otherwise just remain updated about the the community, please send an email to


Mukul Dharwadkar

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